19 September 2020

What is IMBIT?

IMBIT vzw is a student society associated with the Business Engineering: Management Information Systems programme at the University of Antwerp

Our objective is to create a community between students, professors, alumni, and companies. Furthermore, IMBIT tries to establish a professional relationship between students and companies in order to allow for a more accesible path towards practical knowledge and experience. IMBIT vzw gives students the opportunity to take responsibility and show entrepeneurship. In addition to organising various studentlike events, IMBIT vzw also offers various content activities tailored towards helping students develop their future careers.

IMBIT focuses on students of the Business Engineering: Management Information System programme at the University of Antwerp. This programme offers the unique combination of both business administration and information technology, with the main goal of bridging the gap between these two domains. Hence the name of our student society: Innovation Meets Business and IT.

Over the year IMBIT will not just try to bring students closer together, but also closer to professors, assistants, alumni, and companies To this end, we organise various events that combine both fun and content with the purpose of adding value to your studies.

In concrete terms:

  • Picknick
  • Orientation Game
  • Karting Cup
  • Speeddate with companies
  • IMBIT party games evening
  • Content Night
  • Gala

For members all this is free or at a bargain price. Membership costs only one symbolic euro!

In addition to the events throughout the year, IMBIT also organises a trip that combines fun and content. In previous years, we have visited Google and Microsoft, among others. The HIB Tournée always takes place in the beginning of February. Keep an eye out on our Facebook-page for more info regarding how and when you can register for this unique trip.

You can become a member of IMBIT at campus during the the first weeks of each new academic year, at any IMBIT activity, via e-mail or via this link.

Be sure to visit our stand at Students on Stage. See you there!