20 September 2020

How it works

IMBIT vzw consists of a partner structure, a Board of Directors and a general meeting. The partner structure is subdivided into seven working domains, each of which has its own ultimate responsibility – the partner. Each HIB student can become a member of one of these domains. This allows them to actively participate and take responsibility in the organisation of various activities. In this way, every student can contribute to IMBIT vzw! The partner supervises and directs the students and makes the final decisions.

Overarchingly, the Executive Partner assumes responsibility, assisted by the Vice-Executive Partner. They are the signboard and point of contact to faculty, alumni and of course you, the student.

The seven work domaions

Event Management
Students are given the opportunity to become managers of a particular event where their sense of responsibility, entrepreneurial spirit as well as their communication skills are developed.

Public Relations
PR tries to bring companies closer to students and senior partners, creating opportunities for all parties.

This includes the annual publication of a qualitative magazine which, in addition to reports on HIB practical projects and interviews with both first-year students and recent graduates, also features professors and companies.

Legal & Finance
By adopting a professional structure, we offer legal and financial guarantees to the company partners and give students the opportunity to gain experience in managing an association, in our case a non-profit association. They will be responsible for submitting tax forms, managing budgets and accounts as well as finding a balance between costs and revenues.

Human Relations
They provide communication to IMBIT members and monitor internal satisfaction. This ensures that all members are aware of the activities and that possible suggestions are heard and dealt with.

The domain of sport was created because the sports activities became more and more numerous within IMBIT. They will therefore be responsible for organising it.

A communication platform for students from the first Bachelor’s to the second Master’s programme on which information regarding activities, training and education, as well as a dynamic forum can be found. In addition, the IMBIT website offers the company partners the opportunity to make publicity and gain name recognition among students, alumni and other company partners.

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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of students, alumni, and professors at the University of Antwerp. The current Board of Directors includes:

  • David Bellens
  • Kim Maes
  • Herwig Mannaert
  • Torben Broos
  • Vincent Wouters
  • Anne De Saeger
  • Glenn De Weerdt
  • Jef Vanendert
  • Dieter Van Nuffel
  • Jan Verelst